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        What inspires?

         Rothko’s ethereal simplicity, Matisse’s color and line, Mitchell’s lyricism, Richter’s depth and rhythm. 

           And peeling paint.  


           Sometimes, I attempt to capture things just as they are; more frequently, my works express an appreciation

          for the interaction of shapes and my attraction to the unknown and imagined.  Regardless of the image, the

          overarching goal is singular:  I create to seek, express and inspire joy.





        Although my formal education is in the fields of psychology (B.A.) and education (M.S.), my life has been

         peppered with classroom and private study in art.  I owe a great debt to my mentor, Stephany Cousins, and my

       cousin, Denise Shaw.




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Acrylic, pastel, charcoal, mixed media paintings and drawings - © Dee Coviello